pk10北京赛车刷水漏洞:Communications invites comments regarding written proposals on review of public broadcasting

29 Jun 2018

北京赛车技巧 The Department of Communications has today published a gazette relating to the written proposals on the review of the public broadcasting on the government and department websites (北京赛车技巧), and invites comments from the public, industry and all interested parties.

This follows Minister Nomvula Mokonyane's announcement on Monday that the department will embark on various processes and steps to initiate a broadcasting policy review. The gazette seeks to address the following issues:

1.? The mandate
2.? The size and scope of the public broadcaster;
3.? Appropriate funding model for public mandate, including sports of national interest;
4.? Governance framework;
5.? Accountability measures; and
6.? Carriage of public channels by subscription broadcasting services (Must carry obligations). The closing date on this is 30 July 2018, 4pm.

Parallel to the above, the department has also released The Emerging Issues Paper, which summarises some of the comments and information relating to public consultation on broadcasting policy issues throughout the past few years. The Issues Paper is primarily intended to highlight the key matters distilled from the various consultative process; form the basis of further policy discussions; and outline the next steps for the broadcasting policy review. The public and industry is given up until 31 August 2018 to make their final inputs on this Issues Paper. The paper can be accessed from the department's website:

All these processes are intended to be finalised as final inputs to the Draft White Paper which the Department intends to submit to Cabinet by 31 March 2019.

As Minister Mokonyane said on Monday "this is the beginning of the policy journey that will lay the foundation for the next administration".

Mish Molakeng
Cell: 082 469 3997

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