pk10北京赛车9码计划:Government programmes, projects and campaigns

北京赛车技巧 Government programmes on employment, economic issues, etc.? This is not an exhaustive list - for more information visit the departmental websites and read the latest South Africa Yearbook.

Safety & security
Economic growth & employment
Skills development
Rural development
Human settlements
Local government
International relations
Public sector
Social protection
Nation-building & social cohesion
More programmes




Programme of Action

Government's Programme of Action reflects its strategic plan for the 2014-2019 electoral term, the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF). The MTSF is the first five-year implementation phase of the National Development Plan (NDP). It is structured around 14 priority outcomes which cover the focus areas identified in the NDP and Government’s electoral mandate: education, health, safety and security, economic growth and employment, skills development, infrastructure, rural development, human settlements, local government, environment, international relations, public sector, social protection, nation-building and social cohesion.

Operation Phakisa was designed to fast-track the implementation of solutions on critical development issues. This is a unique initiative to address issues highlighted in the NDP such as unemployment and poverty.

Outcome 1: Education

Outcome 2: Health

Outcome 3: Safety and security

  • Implementation of anti-crime initiatives - the crime situation in South Africa lead to the implementation of anti-crime initiatives in 2007.
  • Domestic violence - The rigorous steps the justice, crime prevention and security (JCPS) cluster is taking to root out genderbased violence is the adoption of zero-tolerance towards rape, violation of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and other forms of violence towards women and children.

Outcome 4: Economic growth and employment

Outcome 5: Skills

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training reports that significant changes have happened in the skills development landscape between 2011 and 2013, including:
    • The establishment of the?Quality Council for Trades and Occupations?
    • The rationalisation of the Sector Educating and Training Authority (SETA) framework and the strengthening of the SETA administration controls
    • The establishment of a consolidated?national qualifications framework?
    • The shift of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) from being a targets-driven strategy to an outcomes-driven strategy
    • Moving towards a Green Economy.

Outcome 6: Infrastructure

Outcome 7: Rural development

Outcome 8: Human settlements

Outcome 9: Local government

  • Back-to-Basics is a programme devised to build and strengthen the capability and accountability of municipalities.

Outcome 10: Environment

  • Working for Water - eradicates invasive alien vegetation to conserve water and the environment.
  • Working on Fire - job-creation programme focusing on implementing Integrated Fire Management
  • Working for the Coast - deals with some of the challenges in line with the Integrated Coastal Management Act
  • Working for Wetlands uses wetland rehabilitation as a vehicle for job creation, skills development, and the wise use of wetlands.
  • Oceans economy (Operation Phakisa) - to unlock the potential of our country’s vast coastline.
  • Youth Jobs in Waste - focuses on landfill operation and management, planning administration relating to waste collection and planning and undertaking waste awareness campaigns
  • LandCare - communities and individuals are urged to manage South Africa’s environment and natural resources using an ecologically sustainable approach.
  • National water security - the prolonged lower-than-normal rainfall since the beginning of 2015 has necessitated plans to mitigates the effects of the drought.

Outcome 11: International relations

South Africa has relations within southern Africa, on the continent of Africa and in the world.

Outcome 12: Public service

  • Batho Pele - the Batho Pele principles were developed to guide government employees in their work with the public.
  • Disaster management - The National Disaster Management Centre ensures integrated institutional capacity for disaster risk management.
  • Centre for Public Service Innovation nurtures innovation in the public sector.
  • Access to information - The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2000 (PAIA) guarantees the public access to information that is not classified secret.

Outcome 13: Social protection

Outcome 14: Nation-building and social cohesion

More programmes

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